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Lesson on Slope

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How do we Hand Calculate the Slope of a Line?

To calculate the slope of a line, we must either have its equation written in a slope form (such as slope-intercept form or point-slope form) or know two points along the line.

If the line is in a slope form, the coefficient m tells us the value of its slope. If we have two points along the line, we use the following slope equation:

slope formula

For an in-depth lesson on finding slope and average rate of change, see our lesson Average Rate of Change.

How the Calculator Works

The slope calculator is written in the programming language JavaScript. When you click the “calculate” button, the slope function is run by your internet browser’s JavaScript engine resulting in a nearly instant answer.

The slope function utilizes the exact slope formula as given above. Your inputted x and y coordinates are plugged into the formula before the slope m is evaluated.

The raw slope output is rounded to the fourth decimal place. That rounded number is then displayed on this page as the answer. When you click the “clear” button, all input fields are erased, and the calculator is reset.

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