Perimeter of a Square

The Perimeter Formula

The formula for perimeter of a square is given as:
P = 4s
Where P is the perimeter and s is the side length.

perimeter of a square

Example Problems

Problem 1:
A square has a side length of 5. What is the perimeter?

P = 4s
P = 4(5) = 20
The perimeter of the square is 20.

Problem 2:
A square has an area of 36. What is the perimeter?

The area formula is A = s2, we can find side length by solving for s.
36 = s2
√36 = s
s = 6
We have found the side length is 6. Plugging this into the perimeter formula we get:
P = 4s
P = 4(6) = 24
The perimeter of the square is 24.

Problem 3:
A square table is measured to have a perimeter of 2 meters. What is the length of one of its sides?

Let’s plug the perimeter into the formula and solve for s.
P = 4s
2 = 4s
2/4 = s
s = 0.5
The side length of the table is 0.5 meters.

Result :

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