Area of a Rhombus

Rhombus Area Formula

A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides, a pair of opposing equal acute angles, and a pair of opposing equal obtuse angles. The formula for area of a rhombus is given as:
A = pq/2
Where A is the area, p is the short diagonal, and q is the long diagonal.

area of a rhombus

Example Problems

Problem 1:
Find the area of a rhombus with diagonal lengths of 5 and 10.
1.) Plugging the given dimensions into the area formula, we get:
A = pq/2
A = (5)(10)/2 = 50/2 = 25
2.) The area is 25.

Problem 2:
A rhombus is measured to have an area of 72 square meters and a short diagonal of 6 meters. How long is the long diagonal in meters?
1.) Let’s plug the given dimensions into the area formula and then solve for the long diagonal q.
A = pq/2
72 = (6)q
q = 12
2.) The long diagonal is 12 meters long.

Result :

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