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Voovers relies entirely on your generosity to stay running and continue making lessons and calculators that are free to use.

By donating to Voovers, you are helping yourself, your friends, and others all over the world learn and get solutions just like you did. Let’s make the world a smarter place, together.

A Message from Nikkolas

Thank you for considering donating to help spread the awesomeness of math, science, and engineering to the whole world!

My name is Nikkolas Krush and I am the creator of Voovers. I was born with a tremendous passion for math, science, and engineering. For my whole life, I have enjoyed sharing this passion with others and teaching about these topics.

When I started Voovers in 2019, there were already some great math, science, and engineering platforms on the internet. I saw room for improvement and making an even better experience for students and professionals to learn and do calculations.

This is why Voovers does not run ads or sell gimmicks. I want to keep Voovers focused on one thing — giving you, your friends, and others like you the best possible way to learn and enjoy math, science, and engineering.

Because of this, Voovers relies solely on donations to stay alive. Your donation — no matter how big or small — is instrumental in supporting Voovers and the ambitious mission I set out on in 2019.

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